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Plane Movie!

I feel like I just ate a big bag of popcorn - it’s that feeling where you know you ate something, but you’re not really full or nourished. It’s more an activity that a meal. The first few handfuls taste good, but by the end of the bag you’re just mindlessly reaching for more even though the bag is mostly just kernels at this point. 

Central Intelligence is like that. It’s fun at first, but wears on you quickly. 

In particular, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock’s performance was very very weird. He’s not a bad actor, I don’t think. But in this case - whether it was his or the director’s choices - he came off as a goofy over actor. Not relatable and not a character - something else. An unrealistic persona that didn’t quite know who he was. Perhaps as a result of the writing - trying to make this person a potential double agent - so he had to play some “unpredictable but nice” blend. Either way, it felt like I was watching an underdeveloped bad improv character. So far from realism. So very far. 

I’m not sure why - story-wise - that you make the “buddy” in the buddy cop story a potential antagonist. The audience is smart enough to know they could never be the case, so we’re watching a movie unfold where the outcome is already set. Instead of getting to see The Rock and Kevin Hart banter as teammates, we get a lot of screen time of Hart being skeptical of The Rock. That doesn’t get us anywhere, emotionally. 

The action was clunky and manufactured, and a lot of the settings felt ‘studio comedy’. Just not that interesting and very predictable.