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Hmm. Ok. Maybe my expectations of what a Star Wars movie could be and what it is are not aligned.

With the new Rogue franchise I was hoping there’d be a tonally or structurally different approach to the Star Wars story — nope. Just more of the same.

On one hand it makes plenty of sense — people love it and the box office reflects that. On the other, here we are in an endlessly vicious cycle of basic hero-quest-redemption story lines.

It all just seems so predictable. Like there are only a few possible types of stories in the Star Wars universe and they all play out and compliment each other. I find it uninteresting.

Also the premise of this particular story lacked a lot of drama. We can’t upload the plans to the satellite? It reads more like a Dropbox syncing issue than the driving plot for a Star Wars film.

The direction also felt loose and lacked a certain empathy I was expecting. In human moments where Felicity Jones may be scared or hesitant, rather than resting for a beat on her face to show us, they simple move fluidly through the action. She jumps onto the server tower and up through the deadly fan in a blur. No hesitation, no concern for her safety. Not only do we lose a moment with the character but we lose significant tension in the scene.

Some great special effects, but some terrible CGI characters. The main bad dude looked plastic. Not only did it ruin those scenes, it scares me for the future of movie making. Are we going to let CGI humans play alongside real humans? We’re going to lose the nuance and empathy. There will no longer be actors making choices but directors and animators. Bad news for the industry. Granted these were special cases of reviving dead / aged actors, but still huge thumbs down.

Overall it felt like a new skin on an old dog. Fine to look at but you already know its tricks. 

Also Deigo Luna does nothing for me. I just don’t get him as a lead.