typos and spoilers

i don't proofread before posting so there are probably typos and likely spoilers because i just want to write fast and loose and go watch another movie

GET OUT (2017)


Giving people what they want in a way they don't expect. 

This movie is why people go to the movies. 

It's almost hard to talk about without veering into gushing hyperbole. 

The story is told through meticulous construction and pacing. Every saving detail is planted early in the story and not just superficially but as elements of the characters themselves. 

The main character Chris is acting intelligently throughout and avoids the expected "don't go in there" groans from the audience. No groans here - just applause and laughter. 

Get out delivers on all the thriller tropes we love and subverts the ones we hate into laughs. 

And it's not just tightly wound, but a sharp social satire on black and white relations. The entire climax of the movie actually plays off our societal expectations of how police treat black men. And it feel so goddamn satisfying when that get subverted. 

Chris' friend does an excellent job as the comedic break and saying what the audience is thinking. 

It's almost like the movie could have been a pure comedy with different music and editing. 

But it's not. It's a social satire comedic thriller. And it's perfect. 

Every quirk of the character and every scene has a purpose or can be explained. The groundskeeper running around at night, while creepy, is in fact justified because the grandpa is a runner. That scene is haunting, informative of that character's motivations, and foreshadowing all in one. That's tight storytelling. 

I mean, except for all the bing and Microsoft product placement. But I guess you gotta get your money where you can.