typos and spoilers

i don't proofread before posting so there are probably typos and likely spoilers because i just want to write fast and loose and go watch another movie

SILENCE (2016)


[a post from the drafts folder]

I haven’t fallen asleep in a movie in over 10 years. Let’s reset that clock. 

Silence is slow, plodding, and, well, slow and plodding. The performances, while wrought with emotion, come off as unimpactful. Potentially because the stakes are relatively low and the characters have placed themselves in their situation on behalf of god. They’re living in a wooden shack in the hills, hiding during the day, and providing spiritual guidance at night. They’re suffering, sure. But of their own mission. Perhaps because I don’t empathize with their mission I can’t empathize with their suffering. 

I’m all for a long movie if a ton happens (Gone Girl, The Handmaiden). But if you’re make a movie over 2 hours where little happens and you repeat scenes (i’m looking at you, “stomp on christ’s image to prove you’re not a christian” scenes) it is brutal. It’s self indulgent. It abandons the entertainment that film can provide. 

Perhaps it was meant to be an exercise in survival similar to the priests (people started trickling out of the theater after the half way point). In that case, I survived to tell the tale. Unfortunately the tale isn’t quite worth telling. 

The cinematography was restrained in movement and at times even over exposed. I heard the actual production of the film was difficult and in this case I suppose you see it. 

Best part about the experience was seeing that even Scorsese is capable of missing the mark.